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Products Overview

                                                                                                            Military Defence System Technology

                                                                                                                 Remote Control Weapon Station

                                                                                           Remote  Control  Weapon  Station  (RCWS)  is  a  weapon

                                                                                           system installed in military vehicles that can be operated
                                                                                           dynamically or statically and it is remotely controlled from

                                                                                           inside  the  vehicle  by  the  shooter  through  the  control
                                                                                           console. PT Intek Sarana Sejahtera has completed the first

                                                                                           prototype, and is now developing a second prototype that
                                                                                           will  implement  some  improvements  based  on  the  first

                                                                                           prototype test results.
                                                                                           This  RCWS  development  activity  is  carried  out  in

                                                                                           cooperation with the Indonesian naval institution.

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