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Development Background

                                  The technology advancement in IT industry experience rapid growth until it reach the

                                  point where those can handle every single need of the majority of society and also has
                                  been successfully adopted by higher class to lower class segments.

                                  PT Intek Sarana Sejahtera was established as the concern of the increasing numbers
                                  of hi-tech products and technological convergence surrounding us but unfortunately
                                  are  not  the  work  of  our  intellectual  thinking,  while  there  are  many  growing

                                  opportunities and possibilities to compete with other developers, it is not wise if we
                                  just to act passively as the followers. Therefore, develop advancements in many
                                  technological sectors are huge things that must be done so we are eager to take
                                  responsibilities along with government and collaborate with the entire elements to
                                  seek potential innovations.

                                  Starts from the passion for technological independence, we commit on continuous
                                  improvements for service excellence  in IT solutions and we are ready to be the leader
                                  in the IT industry with global reputations.

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